Employability is one of the main goals of the whole university education process. At the CEICS, undergraduate students have the opportunity to make their first contact with companies and research institutes ¿ a link that becomes even stronger during postgraduate studies.

The companies these students are exposed to make up the five clusters specializing in chemistry and energy, nutrition and health, heritage and culture, tourism and oenology. They are businesses which rank among the leading companies in their sectors and have first-rate international reputations.

There is no shortage of leading companies in the counties of southern Catalonia and many of these are involved the five sub-campuses of the CEICS. Working for one of these companies could constitute an extremely valuable opportunity for future employment. For students whose interest lies in research, the university, research institutes and technology centres are also hotbeds of opportunity for future careers.

Quality work

The CEICS alliance aims to foster and nurture a high quality future job market, becoming an international benchmark institution in employability as well as the creation of employment. With this in mind, joint structures have been created to help students find jobs, whether as researchers wishing to continue their research or as active members of the business world.

The CEICS also helps students through the process of creating technology-based companies through providing a specialized environment in which they can enjoy the synergies of the teaching, research and knowledge transfer structures of the five clusters of excellence that make up the campus.

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