The Catalan Institute of Vines and Wines (INCAVI)

INCAVI, the Catalan Institute of Vines and Wines, is an organization specific to the wine industry which was set up by the Catalan Ministry of Agriculture, Food And Rural Affairs. The institute organizes studies and research to foster the development of the wine sector in accordance with its needs at any given time. Moreover, INCAVI works to promote Catalan wines and to regulate the wine industry.

INCAVI organizes continuing training, specialization and refresher activities for experts and professionals in the fields of grape cultivation and winemaking, ranging from technical topics to marketing.

The grape cultivation, wine and cava observatory

INCAVI has a structure for monitoring the situation of the industry on an ongoing basis. The grape cultivation, wine and cava observatory is responsible for collecting technical and economic data about vineyards and wine and cava producers. Every year it draws up a report on developments in the sector and produces studies and publications on research, new developments and the state of the industry.