The Costa Daurada Foundation of Tourism Studies (FET)

The Costa Daurada Foundation of Tourism Studies conducts research and provides advice on tourism through research, development and innovation projects. It is one of the branches which make up the Technology Park of Tourism and Leisure.

The foundation fosters different lines of research:

  • The importance of tourism as an instrument for development in the region and towards improvements in the standard of living of the community.
  • Changes in trends in tourist behaviours, tourist demand and the creation of products.
  • Environmental quality levels in tourist destinations and tourism companies.
  • The degree of visitor satisfaction of tourists on the Costa Daurada.
  • The needs to be met by public and private stakeholders involved in developing tourism in order to make it more competitive.

Unique data and statistics

One of the key components of the foundation is the Costa Daurada Tourist Study Observatory, which is an important source of information for researchers. For ten years it has compiled statistical information based on data collected about tourist activity in southern Catalonia. It also provides information on the features of tourist demand. It is the leading statistical research centre for the tourist market on the Costa Daurada.

The observatory plays a key role in enhancing competitiveness in the sector and is considered to be an innovative, reliable and useful instrument that provides professionals with an immediate response in helping in to make decisions or shape strategies.