For many years, companies in the chemical and energy sector in southern Catalonia have enjoyed access to a source of knowledge that has served to boost their competitiveness within their fields. Companies in the chemical industry contact the research groups of the Campus of International Excellence Southern Catalonia (CEICS) to work with them in developing pioneering projects, and some of these companies have already acquired patents for processes and products designed by campus research centres and university researchers.

Research, development and innovation projects

In the area surrounding the URV there are seven technology and innovation centres linked to chemistry and energy that are devoted to transferring technology to companies. One of these, the Chemical Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTQ), belongs to the Tarragona Science and Technology Park, which contributes to improving the competitiveness and technological progress of companies in the chemical sector through the provision and implementation of R&D&I projects and the transfer of innovative technologies.

ICIQ also has a business development unit that promotes and establishes contracts between research groups and industry.

Companies and research groups also work together in CENIT projects, in which the private sector takes part.

Research for nuclear power plants

The counties of Tarragona are the source of a significant part of the research transferred to nuclear power plants. The Mestral Technology Centre is located in the Vandellós facility and responds to the technological requirements for the dismantling of nuclear power plants. It has different lines of research open in this field in conjunction with the URV.

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