The Technology Centre for Nutrition and Health (CTNS)

The Technology Centre for Nutrition and Health (CTNS)

The Technology Centre for Nutrition and Health (CTNS) is a key component of Tecnoparc in Reus. The centre conducts research to verify the efficacy of functional foods in order to identify products with beneficial properties. It is the third centre in the world whose mission is to research the healthy properties of food. One of its goals is to boost the competitiveness of the Catalan food and agriculture industry.

The scientists working at the institute set out to prove the efficacy of functional foods, enabling companies to comply with EU regulations which require them to provide proof of the health benefits they claim in relation to their products.

Its main mission is to provide scientific and technological support and to assist food and agricultural businesses in the fields of nutrition and health. It conducts research activities and provides scientific and technological services throughout the process which leads up to putting a functional food on the market.

Its main lines of research are:

  • Identifying and quantifying the nutritional markers of functional food consumption with a special emphasis on cardiovascular and neurodegenerative pathologies, diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome.
  • Developing new methods of assessing the effect of bioactive ingredients on genetic material, making use of nutrigenomics.
  • Personalized nutrition: the study of the behaviour and effect of bioactive ingredients based on the genetics of each individual.