The Tarragona Science and Technology Park

The Tarragona Science and Technology Park brings together the innovation activities of the chemical and energy sectors. It puts all the existing knowledge in these fields to work in the Tarragona region to transform that knowledge into development projects for companies. The science park is the centre for R&D&I projects in sustainable chemistry and comprises a full range of teaching, research and knowledge transfer structures.

The bodies of which it is made up, apart from the university's own faculties of chemistry and engineering, are:

  • The Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ)
  • The Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC)
  • The Chemical Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTQ)

This initiative owes its success to its ability to take advantage of all the potential of a quality academic setting and of the institutes and research centres involved to enhance the competitiveness of a first-class industrial chemical sector.

The park occupies a site covering nearly 50 hectares near the URV's Sescelades Campus. It is immersed in an expansion process and the plan is to build there a sector-specific business incubator, university housing, accommodation, conference facilities, hotels and shopping, office and leisure areas.