The Innovative Business Group for Nutrition and Health (AINS)

The Innovative Business Group for Nutrition and Health (AINS) aims to promote innovation, stimulate productivity and improve competition within the companies in this sector.

It was created in response to the demand from the sector for a means to boost cooperation between businesses and research institutes and other centres of technological research. It aims to establish structures that facilitate relationships between organizations dedicated to education, research and knowledge transfer and businesses working in the fields of nutrition and health.

Consisting of some twenty leading companies in the health and nutrition sector, the group's strategy is centred on:

  • Innovations in methodologies and biomarkers for the scientific validation of claims concerning aspects of nutrition and health
  • Innovation in and information on food safety
  • Innovation in processes and industrial technologies
  • Innovation in ingredients, additives and healthy foods
  • International legal, commercial and technological awareness
  • Specialized training

AINS will improve and consolidate collaborations between companies in the sector and research centres, universities and specialized laboratories in creating new processes and high value-added innovative products to ultimately boost overall quality in the sector.