One of the objectives in this area is the promotion of actions which benefit the socioeconomic environment, creating forums for collaboration with regional administrations and organisations. In order to further this goal, the university works closely with bodies involved in territorial development projects. The university, working in conjunction with the Tarragona Provincial Council, has created the Tarragona Knowledge Region Office project, which aims to promote innovation and competitiveness in companies within its geographic sphere of activity.

The university has also set up the Socioeconomic Committee of Camp de Tarragona, whose active members include employers, unions and chambers of commerce. This body developed the Camp de Tarragona Strategic Plan, which defines the central actions to be undertaken to improve development in the northernmost counties of southern Catalonia.
The University has also organised a meeting of all members of the CEICS chemistry cluster, who signed the “Our chemistry, our future” memorandum, a commitment to promote six agreements to enhance the sector's competitiveness.

Relationship with the region

In order to strengthen the relationship with individuals and organisations from beyond the region’s borders with ties to the university, the university has created the Friends of the URV Board and the Friends of the URV programme, which seek to maintain ties with alumni, individuals and entities of from the region who want to take part in furthering the commitments of the university.

The goal is to promote the university as a brand on a regional scale, especially among alumni and in secondary education. To reach out to prospective students and the general public, the URV participates in fairs and exhibitions, organises informal talks, informative conferences and hosts events at the university itself, like open house days and other events designed to facilitate the transition from secondary education.