This programme has two objectives. The first of these is to promote volunteerism and cooperation for development, participation in social activities, and to foster the values of solidarity and cooperation. The URV Solidaria Cooperation for Development Centre is the body responsible for conducting university actions related to cooperation for development linked to education and research. This includes organising projects, courses, events to raise awareness, etc. The centre is also has a volunteer board for volunteers seeking projects and organisations seeking volunteers. The Volunteer Office aims to address the needs of university students who want to take part in volunteer activities, and to put these people in contact with associations which provide social services in the counties of Tarragona.

The other objective of the programme is to foster appreciation of the value of campus in its users. The organisation URV Spports was created in order to promote physical activity at the university. Student residences were also created, as well as, an Accommodation Office, and Learning and Research Resource Centres (CRAIs), a dynamic environment which combines all information and ICT services for learning, teaching, research and the Third Mission.