Sub-programme to promote research

A programme will be created that establishes adjustable funding for objectives within the areas of R&D&I that will encourage doctoral theses resulting in scientific production of interest on an international and European scale.

Sub-programme for lecturers of excellence

These grants are oriented towards broadening scientific excellence at the CEICS and giving it more prominence through co-funding teaching and research visits for internationally renowned lecturers and researchers.

Sub-programme for attracting global talent to the CEICS

Within the framework of attracting international talent, joint actions will be carried out to attract talent to the CEICS as well as to the Ramon i Cajal, Juan de la Cierva, ICREA, Marie Curie and Torres Quevedo programmes.

CEICS grants

These will be created with the objective of attracting the best international students in the areas in which the CEICS specializes: chemistry and energy, nutrition and health, oenology, tourism, culture and heritage. A one-year CEICS grant will be set up to allow students to participate both in postgraduate programmes at allied knowledge-generating institutions and in gaining work experience within the companies that make up the project.

More information about these grant programmes will be found on this page shortly.