Innovation, a priority for everybody

The Campus of International Excellence Southern Catalonia (CEICS) is dedicating the Forum 2012 to innovation. In a context of economic crisis and important social challenges, the future of individuals and organizations is at stake. This future will be determined to a large extent by the capacity to innovate and create business in any ambit or sector. Consequently, now more than ever innovation has become both an individual and a collective priority; in short, a priority for everybody.

The aim of the forum is to boost the innovative capacities of the southern regions of Catalonia. The forum proper will take place on 26 and 27 of November in Reus and Tarragona, although during the month leading up to the event there will be a series of activities related to the innovative capacities of the participants. The forum will be the first of a series of events and actions aimed at positioning the region as a leading international innovation hub for Horizon 2020.

The participants will play an active role in this initiative which is intended to continue well after the forum has concluded. During the forum, the participants will be able to engage in talks, workshops and dialogue with experienced innovators from all ambits and thus learn for themselves the skills needed to innovators. For this reason the participants need to get involved in this process well before the forum so that they can activate and develop their innovative capacities.

By forming part of this process, they will also be able to join new communities involved in learning and creating value.

The forum is intended for individuals who want to increase their personal innovative capacities and/or those of their organization by getting involved in the innovation ecosystem of southern Catalonia. The forum is aimed at:

• Managers, directors and professionals from the private and public sectors and the third sector of socioeconomic and political agents and professional organisations and associations from civil society.

• Professors, researchers and technologists in all disciplines from research centres, technology centres and the university.

• Students and graduates of master's and doctoral degrees.

Registering for the forum is free and can be done on this website.

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