The Campus of International Excellence Southern Catalonia (CEICS) has organised its first Forum to be held on 9, 10 and 11 November. This will be the first annual gathering of the CEICS community, which will bring together the campus's core members and associates, its partners, national and international allies as well as members of the public related to the project's strategic areas of interest.

The primary goal of the Forum is to strengthen the CEICS community. Therefore, activities have been organised that will allow the vision of the Campus of Excellence to be shared, that will analyse priority issues and reinforce the CEICS's five areas of specialisation: chemistry, nutrition and health, heritage and culture, oenology and tourism.

The strategic topic of the event will be changes in doctoral studies, which will be concentrated on the first day of the sessions and will include work groups with CEICS allied organisations. This activity will promote joint programmes, give participants an opportunity to share good practices and open a discussion on current trends with national and international experts.

The Forum will dedicate two days to sharing good practices, discussing lines of research and promoting work under way in the five thematic areas of the CEICS. Sessions will be organised in parallel with conferences, debates and roundtables with the participation of renowned speakers. The strategic focus of every sub-campus will be discussed and presentations will be made describing the active research projects being conducted by the research centres, institutes and groups that make up the campus as well as by leading allied organisations.

The CEICS meeting, which will take place every year, will act as a platform at which to talk about the course the project is taking and its progress and to this end an Institutional Council ¿ which will bring together the various administrations ¿ as well as an Enterprise and Internacional Council will be established. Furthermore, as this year coincides with the celebration of the International Year of Chemistry, the central event of the Forum is scheduled to be held at the conclusion of that event.

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