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What's On in CEICS partners and allies - Tourism

Sharing RDI strategies and priorities

Vila-seca. Main Lecture Theatre. University School of Tourism and Leisure (EUTO).11/11/20119.00 to 13.30

Six parallel sessions will be held ¿ in the fields of chemistry and energy, nutrition and health, oenology, tourism, prehistory and classical archaeology ¿ in which the CEICS community and its affiliates can share ideas on current research at universities, research institutes and technology centres. The primary objective of these sessions is to provide direction to the CEICS R&D&I community and to create new working dynamics which strengthen each and every one of the CEICS areas of specialization.

Main publics

  • CEICS researchers
  • CEICS research training students
  • CEICS related Enterprise RDI representatives
  • Representative of CEICS' main research allies




Chair: Antonio Paolo Russo (GRATET)

Keynote speakers from URV research groups

"Wine tourism. From theory to practice. A necessary support"

  • Jaume Salvat (GRATET).

"Tracking research in tourism planning"

  • Yolanda Pérez Albert (GRATET).

"Application of Artificial Intelligence techniques in Tourism at URV"

  • Antonio Moreno (ITAKA).

"Tourism-driven urbanisation in the Spanish littoral"

  • Francesc Gonzalez Reverté (GRATET).
"International cooperation in tourism" 
  • Marta Nel·lo (GRATET).
"Mobilising creative assets in coastal destinations" 
  • Julie Wilson (GRATET).
11:20-11:40 Coffee break

Chair: Salvador Anton Clavé (GRATET).

"Developing an indicator system of tourism competitiveness. The case of Costa Daurada"

  • Jordi Calabuig. Parc Científic i Tecnològic de Turisme i Oci.

"Categorizing the Spanish Accommodation Sector: Does Firm Size Influence Economic Profitability?"

  • Ana Hernández Lara, Economia i Gestió del Sector Turístic.

"Leisure and culture in today's society from a qualitative and interdisciplinary look"

  • Ercilia García Álvarez, (QUALOCIO).

"Towards new functions of Tourism Observatories"

  • Alica Orellana, Observatori Turístic de la Costa Daurada.

"Seasonality in tourism: determinants and measures"

  • Juan Antonio Duro, Grup de Recerca d'Indústria i Territori.

"Evaluation of tourism web portals"

  • Sunsi Huertas, Grup de recerca en comunicació.

Conclusions: "Futures for tourism research at CEICS"

  • Salvador Anton Clavé and Antonio Paolo Russo (GRATET).