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What's On in CEICS partners and allies - Prehistory

Quaternary, Human Evolution and Palaeoecology (QHEP)

Tarragona. Place to be confirmed11/11/20119.00 to 13.30

Six parallel sessions will be held ¿ in the fields of chemistry and energy, nutrition and health, oenology, tourism, prehistory and classical archaeology ¿ in which the CEICS community and its affiliates can share ideas on current research at universities, research institutes and technology centres. The primary objective of these sessions is to provide direction to the CEICS R&D&I community and to create new working dynamics which strengthen each and every one of the CEICS areas of specialization.


Main publics

  • CEICS researchers
  • CEICS research training students
  • CEICS related Enterprise RDI representatives
  • Representative of CEICS' main research allies

": "An overview of the world research on Quaternary, Human Evolution and Palaeoecology"

9:30-10:00 "The research topics in IndoPacific archaeology: a target interest for European underdoctorate students"
  • Eusebio Dizon, University of Philippines. Philippines.
  • François Sémah, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle. France.

"Le projet maghrébin de collaboration entre l'Institut d'Archéologie d'Alger et l'IPHES"

  • Kader Derradji, Institut d'Archéologie d'Alger. Université d'Alger 2.
10:30-11:00 Coffee break

"The socialization of science and heritage: a way for R+D in Human Evolution archaeology. The case of the Boella site"

  • Lluís Batista,IPHES.
  • Josep Vallverdú, IPHES.

"The didactics of Human Evolution Archaeology: a way for professionalization"

  • Isabel Boj, Schola Didàctica Activa, S.L.

"The European Programs for Doctoral formation and mobility"

  • François Sémah, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle. France

"The Erasmus Mundus Doctorate Program"

  • Carlo Peretto, Università di Ferrara. Italy

 "The possibilities for training in Quaternary, Human Evolution and Palaeoecology in URV-IPHES networks"

  • Jordi Agustí. IPHES.
  • Ethel Allué. IPHES-URV.
  • Carlos Lorenzo. URV-IPHES.