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What's On in CEICS partners and allies - Chemistry and Energy

Sharing RDI strategies and priorities

Tarragona. ICIQ, Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia11/11/20119.00 to 13.30

Six parallel sessions will be held ¿ in the fields of chemistry and energy, nutrition and health, oenology, tourism, prehistory and classical archaeology ¿ in which the CEICS community and its affiliates can share ideas on current research at universities, research institutes and technology centres. The primary objective of these sessions is to provide direction to the CEICS R&D&I community and to create new working dynamics which strengthen each and every one of the CEICS areas of specialization.


Main publics

  • CEICS researchers
  • CEICS research training students
  • CEICS related Enterprise RDI representatives
  • Representative of CEICS' main research allies


8:30-9:00 Accreditation
9:00- 9:15


  • Carmen Claver, Prof. Dr. in Inorganic Chemistry at the Rovira i Virgili university, Scientific Director CTQC, Forum CEICS-Chemistry and Energy coordination.


  "Highlights in CEICS Research and Innovation in Chemistry and Energy (I)"

General overview of research lines of each department, by de responsible, and presentation of one specific research project, by a senior researcher.

Department of Chemical Engineering:

Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry:

Department of inorganic and Physical Chemitry

Department of Analytical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry:

CTQC (Chemistry Technology Centre of Catalonia)
10:45-11:15 Coffee break

 "Highlights in CEICS Research and Innovation in Chemistry and Energy (II)"

ICIQ (Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia)

Innovation Hub Project
IREC (The Catalonia Institute for Energy Research)

Department on Mechanical Engineering.

Department of Electronic Engineering

13:15-15:30 Lunch