The economic weight of the wine sector

Over half the Catalan designations of origin (DOs) and more than 200 wineries are found in the counties that make up the region of Tarragona and the surrounding area. Catalan wine businesses represent 19% of the total in Spain and are responsible for over 36% of total wine sales. The wine sector in Catalonia has a very solid structure and is home to six of the ten main companies in Spain. In fact, the three leading wine companies in Spain are Catalan (Freixenet, Codorniu and Torres).

The most valued professional profiles in the wine sector

Two of the main employment options for oenologists, biotechnologists and other professionals qualified in related disciplines consist of working directly for one of the companies in the sector or concentrating on research.

A professional qualified in this sector can work for administrative and public bodies as well as for private companies: wine producers, individual or corporate operations, cooperatives, groups of producers, oenological laboratories, technical institutes, or distribution companies, among others.

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