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Nutricion and Health Workshop Session

BIOCLAIMS symposium on biomarkers of robustness in nutrition research

Tarragona. Centre for Technology Transfer and Innovation. Campus Sescelades09/11/2011From 9.00 to 16.30

Conferences, seminars and roundtables will be held in the morning to share and learn about the current situation in research, development and innovation in the field of Nutrition. The seminars will provide an opportunity for CEICS community members, partners and strategic allies in each area to promote joint projects and teamwork.

The project "BIOmarkers of Robustness of Metabolic Homeostasis for Nutrigenomics-derived Health CLAIMS Made on Food" (BIOCLAMS, Grant agreement no. 244995) is a Collaborative - Large-scale integrating research project funded by the European Commission through its Seventh Framework Programme.

The BIOCLAIMS project attempts to identify new "biomarkers" of the effects of food and food components on health, based on the new biological technologies, in particular, those of Nutrigenomics that will contribute scientific bases for the reshaping of the European Legislation on "Health claims made on food" (EU Regulation 1924/2006). This legislation, which is the subject of much controversy, entered into force in 2007 with the aim of solving the situation of anarchy, confusion and misleading around advertising statements made on food in relation to health.

The BIOCLAIMS project is coordinated by Professor Andreu Palou, from the University of the Balearic Islands and CIBER Physiopathology of Obesity and Nutrition (Spain), and involves scientists from 11 institutions from seven european countries. It started the 1st March 2010 and will run for five years (2015).

All lectures will be in English


Main publics

  • CEICS researchers
  • CEICS research training students
  • Enterprise RDI research representatives
  • Representative of CEICS' main research allies


"The concept of biomarkers of robustness"


"Flexibility of adipose tissue"


"A lipid challenge test to quantify robustness of the inflammation system"


"Genetic variation in phenotypic flexibility"

10:55-11:25 Coffee Break

"LDL glycation and oxidative damage in cardiovascular health"


"ILSI Europe Marker Initiative"


Rising star session: young scientists present their work: 4 talks of 20 minutes

13:20-14:30 Lunch

"Micronutrients in the optimization of phenotypic robutness"

  • Daniel Raederstorff (DSM)

"Health claims and biomarkers - is "the ability to adapt" feasible as biomarker of diet related health?"


Discussion: "Challenges, opporunities, research needs, implementation strategies, link with ILSI biomarker activities, etc."