The nutrition and health cluster of the Campus of International Excellence Southern Catalonia (CEICS) forms part of the southern half of the anella de l'agroindústria or the agro-industrial ring of Catalonia. It is a powerful structure for teaching, research and knowledge transfer in this rapidly expanding field and mainly revolves around:

Undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes

The undergraduate and postgraduate degree studies in nutrition and health are linked to their local environment, with roots in a consolidated food and agricultural industry and large expanses of nut orchards, vineyards, olive orchards and rice fields.

The URV offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in medicine, nutrition, biochemistry, and many other related fields and has research groups focusing their activities in these areas. The creation of a research institute that brings together research in health and a technology centre for nutrition and health opens doors for students, particularly regarding research and knowledge transfer. This area also includes part of the research structure of the Institute for Research and Technology in Food and Agriculture (IRTA).

University hospitals

Students enrolled in health sciences programmes participate in training linked to CEICS hospitals.

  • The departments of medicine, human nutrition and dietetics and physiotherapy have teaching units in the hospitals of Tarragona and Reus.
  • Joan XXIII and Sant Joan University Hospitals participate in undergraduate and postgraduate training by cooperating with the university in the area of health sciences and participating in doctoral programmes.
  • The university hospitals hold training visits.
  • The Pere Mata Institute University Psychiatric Hospital has a teaching unit in the URV Faculty of Medicine and Surgery in which undergraduate and postgraduate training is provided. It is accredited to train doctors, psychologists and resident nurses.

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