The Campus of International Excellence Southern Catalonia (CEICS) accommodates a large part of the facilities for the transfer of research results in nutrition and health in and around Tecnoparc, the new technology park located in Reus. It is now in the process of being established and consolidated and will accommodate a concentration of businesses and innovation services in the sector.

The technology park in nutrition and health

Tecnopark aims to make southern Catalonia an international benchmark area in science, technology and business in the fields of nutrition and health, making the most of the tradition of research and production activity relating to the food industry in the area. The complex boasts top-level research and technology infrastructures linked to health and nutrition.

CTNS, support for food and agricultural companies

One of the most important components of the knowledge transfer activities undertaken at Tecnoparc is the Technology Centre for Nutrition and Health (CTNS). It provides support to food and agricultural businesses and develops research activities and scientific and technological services in the design, creation, validation and launch of a food onto the market.

The CTNS building will have an area reserved for a biocompanies centre; for the incubation and consolidation of businesses in the biotechnology sector that arise from the research at the centre and the Pere Virgili Institute for Health Research.

Control and quality in products


The CEICS has other knowledge transfer structures in the field of nutrition and health. These are the innovation centres, including TecnAtox, the Centre for Environmental, Food and Toxicological Technology. It specializes in innovation and technology transfer in the fields of food, the environment and toxicology. It focuses on environmental and food contaminants, and their possible risks or benefits to the health of the population and the ecosystem.

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