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Low-fat dairy foods consumption and yogurt related to lower risk for developing metabolic syndrome

This investigation was conducted as part of the PREDIMED study which was designed to examine the impact of consuming a Mediterranean-style diet on prevention of cardiovascular disease. A total of 1868 men and women between 55 and 80 years of age were followed for a median of 3 years during which time dietary analyses were conducted and clinical assessments evaluated.

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An early marker of diabetes has been identified in adolescents with polycystic ovary syndrome

A scientific article published in "Nature Scientific Reports" reveals that the oxidation of the amino acid methionine is a blood marker that indicates the oxidation of good cholesterol. This oxidation prevents the cholesterol from maturing and, therefore, from carrying out its protective function. This study -carried out by CIBERDEM/URV researchers jointly with researchers from the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital- has been carried out in a group of girls in the initial stages of polycystic ovary syndrome, which can lead to a high risk of anovulatory infertility, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome in adulthood.

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The CTNS is studying the health benefits of fresh orange juice

In a public tender with competitors from around the world, the CTNS stood up with a contract of more than $500,000 for a nutritional intervention study with 250 volunteers to evaluate the benefits of consuming 100% orange juice.

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Investigating the identity of head and neck tumours will enable personalized treatment and save lives

Investigating the identity of head and neck tumours will enable personalized treatment and save lives. The first biomarker to have been discovered is known as Tweak and has been implicated in inflammation. The discovery is the result of a joint study between researchers from Joan XXIII University Hospital in Tarragona, the Pere Virgili Health Research Institute (IISPV) and the URV.

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URV professor of Toxicology, Josep Lluís Domingo Roig, is among the most cited researchers in the world

Thomson Reuters has included Josep Lluís Domingo Roig in its list of Highly Cited Researchers 2014, which lists the top 1% of researchers in each scientific field on the basis of the number of times their research articles have been cited between 2002 and 2012.

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CEICS in images

Video overview of the main activities carried out in the CEICS project since 2010.

Duration : 6m 18s

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The ICAC participates in the biomedical research project Medigene

The Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology (ICAC) participates in an European project to...

Duration : 5m 57s

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International Staff Training Week: "Train the trainers"

The URV's International Staff Training Week - Train the trainers is aimed at providing trainers...

Duration : 3m 28s

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