<h3>Naila Rabbani</h3>

Naila Rabbani

Clinical Sciences Research Laboratory, Clinical Sciences Research Laboratory, Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick, UK., UK.

Naila Rabbani is Associate Professor of Experimental Systems Biology. Dr. Rabbani gained a PhD in Biological and Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Essex, UK, in 2001 and worked at University of Essex and University of Warwick Medical School, UK, since then. She held a British Heart Foundation Intermediate fellowship from 2006-9. She received Eli Lilly Clinical Science Poster Award in 2006 and Shaul Massry Prize in 2007. She works on mechanisms of vascular complications of diabetes¿particularly lipoprotein glycation in diabetic atherosclerosis. She coordinated a clinical trial on high dose thiamine therapy in early-stage diabetic nephropathy. Her other research interests are: dysfunctional thiamine metabolism in diabetes, lipoprotein damage by glycation, oxidation and nitration and the anti-stress gene response in cardiovascular disease, diabetes and ageing. She has published 73 peer reviewed articles and 84 conference papers. She is founding co-editor of Amino Acids-glycation section and editor-in-chief "IMARS Highlights", Newsletter of the International Maillard Reaction Society (IMARS).