<h3>Jaap Keijer</h3>

Jaap Keijer

Human and Animal Physiology, Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

Prof.Dr.Eng. Jaap Keijer is a molecular physiologist and an expert in the molecular response analysis of bioactive food components, including polyphenols, carotenoids and PUFAs. He is particularly interested in mechanisms, biomarker development and substantiation of functionality of bioactive food components. Prof. Keijer heads the Human and Animal Physiology chair group at Wageningen University which focuses on the relation between bioactive food components, energy metabolism and health. The group is fully and state-of-the-art equipped to perform molecular, cell physiological and whole body physiological studies in cells, rodents and humans and has an expertise and infrastructure for functional genomic analysis of dietary interventions. Prof Keijer participates in various EU and National research projects and has published over 110 international peer reviewed publications.