The university and affiliates with the CEICS project give impetus to the transfer of knowledge to society in two primary ways: the first aims to transfer knowledge and technology to the economic and productive sectors, and the second focuses on transferring knowledge to society in general. These are the main areas of activity:

Innovation at the university and in the socioeconomic enviroment

Innovation policies tend to focus on science and technology parks in southern Catalonia, but innovation in its broader sense must also be fostered and the university and its socioeconomic environment (i.e. looking at innovation from a more general perspective) must be involved in it. These are the bases for the creation of the CEICS Innovation Hub. It is a place staffed with qualified professionals to train others in techniques for innovation, to promote creative and collaborative work and to let participants learn to use new tools to develop ideas that can provide new opportunities for businesses, new solutions to complex problems and lead to the creation of innovative proposals.

Work at the Innovation Hub, located in the URV's Faculty of Chemistry, creatively and cooperatively combines knowledge, experience and ideas. It is also a place to establish points of contact with companies specialising in innovation worldwide.