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Annual Enterprise and International CEICS Council

Tarragona. Campus Catalunya10/11/201116.30 to 18.00

This is an internal CEICS activity in which ideas will be shared and discussed on the direction of the 2012-2015 Master Management Plan for the Campus of International Excellence Southern Catalonia project.

Main publics

  • Representative of CEICS partners
  • RDI experts from CEICS and CEICS partners
  • RDI experts from business and academia

At 4.30 pm, all the members of the International and Business Councils will meet with the chairman of the CEICS, Francesc Xavier Grau, at the Catalunya Campus. Fifteen minutes later, the attendees will divide into six groups (Chemistry and Energy, Health and Nutrition, Classical Archaeology, Oenology, Tourism and Prehistory), which will meet for one hour.