The Innovative Wine & Cava Producing Companies Group (INNOVI)

The Innovative Wine & Cava Producing Companies Group (INNOVI) brings together the leading businesses in the sector, some twenty in all. It is sponsored by various key organizations in the field of winemaking including the Private Foundation Science and Technology Park for the Winemaking Industry of Falset. Its goal is to improve the competitive edge of companies in the region through the development of innovation projects. Cooperation between businesses and sources of knowledge and research cover topics such as:

  • knowledge of the market and the end consumer
  • logistical and productive efficiency
  • the development of wine-tourism
  • energy efficiency and eco-agriculture
  • the re-positioning the "Penedès" brand

INNOVI is made up of approximately twenty members including leading wine producers, auxiliary companies, research and knowledge transfer institutions, as well as institutional support bodies. Its inclusion as part of the Oenology Sub-Campus will allow high value-added projects to be undertaken that will promote innovation, improve productivity and sharpen the competitive edge of businesses in the sector.