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What's Hot in CEICS specialization areas - Classical Archaeology (afternoon)

Archaeology seminars on activities undertaken in the Roman city and the surrounding area

Catalan Min. of Culture, Territorial Services, C. Major, Tarragona10/11/201104.00pm to 20.00pm

This scientific gathering has been organised to share, discuss and publicise archaeological studies conducted in recent years in the ancient city of Tarraco and its surrounding area, including activities undertaken at monuments recognised by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.

The conservation of monuments and archaeological activity in general, whether implemented as an urgent measure or as an independent research project, only take on full meaning when they form part of global research activities and projects which aim to reach an in-depth understanding of ancient societies in all their aspects. Such global activities strive to advance the scientific progress of a discipline and improve the knowledge base on which new strategies for socialisation can be developed.

The meeting will be organised by a technical committee made up of representatives from the different institutions responsible for Tarragona's historical and archaeological heritage. All the directors of the main archaeological activities undertaken between 2000 and 2010 are invited to take part.

The meeting is intended for professionals in archaeology and researchers from universities, museums and public administrations specialising in the ancient city of Tarraco. It represents an opportunity for professionals from various institutions with differing responsibilities to meet and discuss their work, thereby improving coordination between the different tasks involved in cultural heritage. Strengthening links between the academic and professional worlds is an essential component of extending the results of professional activity to the world of research.

The event is open to all university students studying the second cycle of bachelor's degree programmes in history, history of art, and heritage and tourism, students from the university schools of architecture, and especially students enrolled in master's degree programmes in archaeology at the URV. Thus, the conference is designed as an educational and practical university activity that allows students and professionals to meet, providing opportunities not only for exchanging knowledge but also for networking with potential employers in the private sector. The meeting is also open to members of the general public who are interested in the historical and archaeological heritage of Tarragona.

Furthermore, the publication of the results will act as a periodic means of sharing and publicising the professional and research work carried out at the Tarragona sites. The dissemination of such information through the regular channels of library exchange will allow it to reach professionals involved in research both here in Spain and abroad.

Organising institutions

Rovira i Virgili University, Area of Archaeology, Dept. of History and History of Art Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology (ICAC) Historical Heritage Committee of Tarragona City Council / Tarragona Museum of History National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona (MNAT) Territorial Archaeology Services in Tarragona of the Catalan Ministry of Culture

Technical committee

Dr. Joaquin Ruiz de Arbulo (Lecturer in Archaeology, URV/ICAC) Dr. Josep Maria Macias (head researcher, ICAC/URV) Maria Adserias (territorial archaeologist, Catalan Min. of Culture, Territorial Services) Dr. Maite Miró (territorial archaeologist, Catalan Min. of Culture, Territorial Services) Dr. Josep Anton Remolà (MNAT curator, assoc. lecturer URV) Imma Teixell (municipal archaeologist, CPH, Tarragona City Council)

Main publics

  • CEICS researchers
  • CEICS research training students
  • Enterprise RDI research representatives
  • Representative of CEICS' main research allies
16:00 "Findings at the crossroads of the Rambla Nova / Ramon i Cajal / C. Colom" 
  • Joan F. Roig, Imma Teixell, Montse García.
16:30 "Work on the Visigoth basilica of the Tarraco amphitheatre" 
  • Albert Casas, Judit Ciurana, Ma Himi, Josep M. Macias, Andreu Muñoz, Imma Teixell.
17:00 "The Fonteta road and the funerary area on c. Eivissa and at Casa del Mar" 
  • Josep F. Roig, Marta Bru, Montse García i Imma Teixell.
17:30 "Suburban habitat near the banks of the Francolí" 
  • Juan Trenor, Marc Gimeno, Montse Garcia (CODEX).
18:00-18:30 Break
18:30 "The eastern funerary area of Tarraco"
  • Judit Ciurana (ICAC)
19:00 "Funerary structures at the Col·legi Sagrat Cor de Jesús"
  • Cesar Augusto Pociña (CODEX).
19:30 "Archaeological activity at the Ferreres aqueduct"
  • Reis Fabregat e Isabel Peña (Nemesis).
20:00 Discussion