<h3>Helmut Brentel</h3>

Helmut Brentel

Goethe Graduate Academy (GRADE) at Frankfurt an Main University. Former director of the Social Sciences and Humanities Graduate School, Frankfurt an Main University

PD Dr. Helmut Brentel is as scholar, researcher and supervisor in the areas of sociology of organisations, organisational learning and change, sociology of industry, environmental sociology. His special professional focus is on the development of higher education and doctoral schools within the framework of the Bologna process. From 2001 to 2006 he established the "International Postgraduate Programme Social Sciences", the first structured doctoral school at the Goethe University Frankfurt, and developed from 2007 to 2011 the "Frankfurt Graduate School for the Humanities and Social Sciences". During this time he contributed with numerous presentations on these topics to conferences and workshops organised by EU, EUA and EUA-CDE, and served as presenter and adviser for European universities planning to establish doctoral schools. Since April 2011 he is academic director of the newly built Goethe Graduate Academy (GRADE) covering all departments of the Goethe University.