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The strategic alliance of the Campus of International Excellence Southern Catalonia is sustained by a system of government in which all the organizations comprising the campus participate.

The campus is made up of 26 core allied members and 54 affiliate entities:

  • Rovira i Virgili University (core member)
  • 8 public research bodies (core members)
  • 4 technology centers (core members)
  • 4 science and technology parks (core members)
  • 4 hospitals (core members)
  • 4 business sector associations and federations

It also includes organizations from the productive sector, financial sector, local and regional public administrations and international institutions (affiliated entities).

The model of governance is based on the constitution of a legally established entity, the association called the "Southern Catalonia Knowledge Hub Association". This is an association made up of the original core members in which affiliated entities and advisory bodies participate along with local and regional public administrations. The purpose of the association is to bring campus stakeholders together to work towards the creation of a solid international centre capable of becoming a driving force in society and in the knowledge economy through the five specialized sub-campuses.

A senate has also been constituted in the form of a working committee in which only core allied members can participate. In other words, it is a board made up of academic and research institutions. Allied members of the CEICS have full legal rights, make up the general assembly and choose the board of directors.

The bodies that make up the association are complemented by three types of council:

  1. Advisory council: in which members with full legal rights can participate (allied members) along with the appropriate representatives from local and regional administrations.
  2. Business council: in which members with full legal rights can participate along with associates from the productive sector.
  3. International council: in which members with full legal rights can participate along with associated international bodies.

The government of the CEICS, in addition to ensuring that the objectives of the project are met, makes use of a communication and information system shared by all the participating entities. The system guarantees the international diffusion of the work carried out at the CEICS and facilitates the decision-making process.

CEICS Organization

Organization Prehistoria Coordinador arqueologia Suport equip operatiu Coordinador Enologia Coordinador Turisme Coordinador Nutricio i Salut Coordinador Quimica i Energia Direcci? Executiva presidencia Adjunt a la presidència assamblea