<h3>Gab van Winkel</h3>

Gab van Winkel

Researcher and adviser on PhD education. Wageningen University.The Netherlands.

Gab van Winkel (1955) studied Soil Science at Wageningen University, the Netherlands, with a minor in Science Philosophy. Since 1986 he has worked in several jobs in research policy. From 1993 till 2009, he was managing director of a doctoral school at Wageningen University, with about 150 PhD candidates. Among others, he did a study on graduation delay which led to (effective) measures to decrease time to degree. He has organised workshops on career coaching (an underestimated aspect of the PhD) and on bibliometrics (an overestimated aspect of modern science). Since 2009, he uses his experiences in a research project to earn his own PhD. This project, called `In search of excellence, employability and efficiency in the European PhD', studies the development of the PhD at Wageningen University during the past ninety years compared to universities elsewhere in Europe and abroad. The aim is to identify success factors (and risk factors) for PhD programmes.