Tourism is undergoing profound changes in terms of both supply and demand. There is increasing competition between destinations and the profile of tourists varies greatly. How people book their holidays and how they get around are aspects of tourism that are quickly evolving, and decision-making is influenced by globalization and the economic situation at any given time. Tourism is undergoing a process of transformation, and constant changes condition the viability of tourism systems.

This is why innovation is a key component in the competitiveness of one of the main drivers of the global economy, which in the regions of Tarragona is responsible for almost 110,000 jobs and nearly 20% of GDP.

On the Costa Daurada and in Terres de l'Ebre, public and private stakeholders have been working with Rovira i Virgili University (URV) to design innovative mechanisms through joint projects for years now. Needs have been identified and strategies have been devised that have shaped a system of innovation in tourism.

Innovation at the service of tourism companies

For some time, the Costa Daurada Foundation of Tourism Studies has concentrated on generating useful information for decision-making in tourism companies. The databases it amasses make it easier to access information on the dynamics of tourism and help the sector's companies to develop new strategies.

The Foundation of Tourism Studies is a part of the Science and Technology Park of Tourism and Leisure (PCT). This centre concentrates on the transfer of knowledge to companies in the sector, and also serves as an incubator for innovative companies.

Here, projects are carried out that help companies to be more competitive. Work is conducted on a network structure where the university fuses the dynamics of knowledge generation and transfer.

The projects being developed are in response to the need to strengthen the position of businesses and destinations in the markets and to proactively shift towards the evolution of new technologies. Innovative strategy, technology and product-focused programmes are carried out here.

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