The largest wine producers in the country have their own research teams, but most winemaking companies are small and medium-sized enterprises and do not have personnel dedicated solely to research. The research structures of the Campus of International Excellence Southern Catalonia (CEICS) respond to these needs. Research into viticulture and oenology is a crucial and much needed component of the wine business. This is why CEICS must put itself forward as a benchmark in research for the businesses in the sector that want to improve their competitiveness and want to do it through a firm commitment to innovation.

The Technology Park for the Wine Industry in Falset

The transfer of knowledge to CEICS businesses is mainly directed through the Technology Park for the Wine Industry in Falset. The first park structure, already in operation, is VITEC, a unique centre of technological innovation that contributes to improving the competitiveness of the wine sector. It is the meeting point for wine research, development and innovation (R&D&I) in which the main designations of origin (DOs) of Catalonia, the university, and knowledge-generating institutions in the sector all take part.

Vitec functions

Vitec offers comprehensive technological services for the wine sector, such as:

  • Soil analysis
  • Precision viticulture
  • Water management
  • Testing new winemaking technologies and oenological products in keeping with specific features of each area
  • Winemaking studies of traditional varieties
  • Reduction in the alcohol content of wines
  • Analysis of capping methods 
  • Sensory and oenological analyses
  • Studies to improve the market positioning of the product
  • Minimization of water and energy consumption in wineries
  • Treatment of winery effluents

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