The regions of southern Catalonia enjoy a solid business environment accommodating both small enterprises and multinational corporations. Some are involved in research and development and innovation (R&D&I) activities in the area of nutrition and health and, specifically, in the functional foods sector. Many businesses active in R&D&I have joined together to form the Innovative Business Group for Nutrition and Health (AINS). They participate in activities sponsored by international platforms and take part in European research projects. The AINS has some 20 members who together have a turnover exceeding 700 million euros and employ approximately 2,000 workers.

The food and agricultural industry of Camp de Tarragona plays an important role in the Catalan food and agriculture cluster and stands to benefit greatly from a regional innovation system linked to this sector - and the field of functional foods constitutes one of today's most dynamic areas of research. Most of the businesses in the CEICS nutrition and health cluster participate in or lead R&D&I projects funded through competitive tenders relating to nutritious food.

Promoting the creation of nutrition and health companies

Tecnoparc houses an incubator for biocompanies - biotechnology companies specifically specializing in nutrition and health. Its purpose is to promote and facilitate research and the creation of business projects in this sector. The creation of a company in the field of nutrition and health means a new professional opportunity, an experience that researchers from CEICS research groups have already had the chance to enjoy. Tecnoparc has 165 hectares for the technology park building and business environment.

Fostering employment in hospitals

In the area of health, the hospitals in the area of influence of the CEICS in Tarragona, Reus and Tortosa employ over 6,000 healthcare professionals. Holders of bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in the area of nutrition and health have very direct contact with the healthcare sector in the area, where they carry out a large part of their training.

Making research your job

One of the employment opportunities in this area is research. The CEICS offers many job opportunities to work:

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