Research into nutrition and health at the CEICS is conducted by research groups at the university, the hospitals and, for the last few years, at the Pere Virgili Institute for Health Research.The university has approximately 20 research groups in the departments of:

Futhermore, multidisciplinary, high-quality research groups from the URV form part of CRAMC, the Behaviour Evaluation and Measurement Research Centre.

A technology park for research into nutrition and health

Initiatives focusing on nutritional research have arisen around the Tecnoparc in Reus, particularly regarding aspects relating to functional foods. The park is now undergoing a process of expansion and is the new location of Sant Joan University Hospital. One of the structures located in the park, the Technology Centre for Nutrition and Health, is devoted to research and development and transfer projects to find tools to produce and demonstrate the healthy properties of functional foods. The strategy based on functional foods requires cooperation between businesses, not only interactions among food companies, but also among enterprises involved in biotechnologies, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, etc.

A benchmark institute in healthcare research

The leading Catalan research institute in the area of health, the Pere Virgili Institute for Health Research (IISPV) is a key component of this hub of knowledge and research. Hospitals, the university and the institute itself have research staff, research groups and infrastructure that are now managed from this institute, which promotes research in the healthcare and biomedical fields. Its strategic lines of research focus on:

  • Obesity, metabolic diseases and cardiovascular risks
  • Oncology and haematology
  • Neurosciences and mental health
  • Health and environment
  • Clinical innovation

Food research

The Institute for Research and Technology in Food and Agriculture (IRTA) is one of the research structures of the CEICS. The IRTA has a centre in Reus focusing exclusively on olive cultivation, olive oil and nut production and animal nutrition. It also has a centre in Sant Carles de la Ràpita for aquaculture and an experimental station on the River Ebro. The institute has research centres for the food sector distributed throughout Catalonia.

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