The Technical Office of the Campus of International Excellence has begun efforts to develop a cooperative network between universities, vocational training centres and companies in order to establish a joint programme to improve the training and employability of professionals, with an emphasis on the areas of strategic specialisation established for the region and for the CEICS: chemistry and energy, nutrition and health, tourism, heritage and culture, and oenology. The programme aims to give impetus to new actions, and support those which are currently under way.

The programme will provide a framework for cooperation between the educational system and the productive sector in southern Catalonia

A task force comprised of experts from the university and vocational training centres has already started work on the programme and is carrying out an initial survey of the situation, seeking synergies in the relationship between vocational training, university and companies. The results of the survey will be used as a point of departure for the development of the programme's plan of action. The work group which will develop the action plan has also been created.

These measures will help to promote the involvement of companies in the development of vocational education, to establish mechanisms for sharing facilities and resources, and to promote entrepreneurship in vocational training and the application of simulated business models such as those already in use at institutions like the URV's School of Tourism.

Success stories

The VITEC wine technology park has launched an innovative winemaking and growing educational project in three vocational training centres: IES Priorat (Falset), IES Gregorio Prieto (Ciudad Real) and CIFP a Granxa (Pontevedra). The Ministry of Education has provided 174,000 euros in funding for the project, called ENOR&D. The project focuses on applied innovation and knowledge transfer in vocational education in wine studies. Students at these centres can supplement their education and participate in different innovative projects throughout the current school year.

IES Comte de Rius has been added to the Government of Catalonia's network under the aegis of the interdepartmental programme for the integration of vocational education. The Tarragona centre is sponsored by IES Comte de Rius and the Tarragona Centre for Innovation and Occupational Training. Its partners include the URV, the Tarragona Chemical Business Association and other socio-economic stakeholders.

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