At the core of the Campus of International Excellence Southern Catalonia (CEICS) are five priority areas that the URV has identified in its strategic research plan and which are closely linked to the economic strengths of the region.

From these priority areas, five sub-campuses have emerged which make up the CEICS:

These five sectors not only hold significant socio-economic weight the region, but are widely recognized in the international arena as well, and are areas of proven scientific excellence. Within the framework of the CEICS, these sectors are united by a unique policy governing the teaching-research-knowledge transfer alliance made up of universities, research institutes and centres, science and technology parks and technology centres. The alliance also has well established connections with business networks, the healthcare sector and public administrations.

A coordinated network

The research, teaching and knowledge transfer structures of the five sub-campuses of the CEICS are located in different areas of the province of Tarragona, where they are strongly linked to their areas of expertise. The science and technology parks developed for each of these economic areas and the specialization of each sub-campus represent the umbrella beneath which each group is sheltered and under which the different members of the CEICS are coordinated.

The five pillars of the CEICS are well on their way to becoming leaders in generating and transmitting knowledge in their areas of expertise, achieving visibility and impact not only in Catalonia and in Spain, but internationally as well.