The CEICS is made up of eight renowned public research bodies:

As well as four technology centres dedicated to research, which put their knowledge to work by transfering their results for use in companies:

These institutes make up a network of research centres of excellence that bring together leading experts in each of the CEICS's five areas of specialization.

These research structures are complemented by the Mestral Technology Centre, which explores techniques related to the management of radioactive waste.

URV research centres

The URV has created its own research centres involving some one hundred active research groups in the fields of chemistry, nutrition and health, culture and heritage, tourism and oenology.

The quantity of research undertaken at the university and the research institutes and centres forming the CEICS has led scientific productivity in the counties of southern Catalonia to rank among the most established in Spain, with more than 900 articles published in recognized international scientific journals every year.

Scientific and technical resource service

At the Campus of International Excellence Southern Catalonia, research projects are carried out on a nationwide and Europe-wide level primarily through the Consolider initiative for promoting excellence and two of its projects: Networked Biomedical Research Centres (CIBERs) and Cooperative Health Research Thematic Networks (RETICS). Cooperation between the public and private sectors has also been encouraged through participation in National Strategic Consortia in Technical Research (CENIT) projects.

The CEICS has a Scientific and Technical Resource Service on campus, a technical support service aiding research, development and knowledge transfer activities in all of the scientific and technological areas of the CEICS. The service allows researchers to use technical equipment and draw on human resources and offers specialized training so that professionals can do their work with the advantages of the very latest technical knowledge. The centre offers cutting-edge equipment and new research techniques are constantly being incorporated.

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