VITEC coordinates innovative viticulture educational programme at vocational training centres in three autonomous communities

The Ministry of Education has earmarked ¿174,000 for this project, which is supported by the URV Foundation's Lifelong Learning Centre. The centre will handle the virtualisation of content for teachers and students of secondary schools in the areas of Priorat, Pontevedra and Ciudad Real.

Students and teachers in vocational education programmes in the field of viticulture in the Priorat secondary school (IES) in Falset, the Gregorio Prieto secondary school in Ciudad Real, and the Granxa integrated vocational education centre (CIFP) in Pontevedra will work together with experts from the VITEC wine technology park. This has been made possible by the announcement of a grant of approximately 174,000 euros from the Ministry of Education which will finance the ENOR&D project, an applied innovation and knowledge transfer project in wine education.

The project will be implemented in vocational schools which offer advanced courses in viticulture, with the support of the Tarragona Knowledge Region Office in conjunction with the URV Foundation's Lifelong Learning Centre. Project coordination will be handled by the VITEC wine technology park. The programme will enable students at these schools to complement their training, exchange experiences with other schools, and participate in several innovative projects over the course of the current school year.

Educational opportunities for professors will be offered at the same time. Content will also be virtualised to complement the centres' educational units. This will allow both students and professionals to supplement their education and/or obtain retraining in a formal education environment.

The project, which was approved today, comes under the aegis of innovation projects in applied innovation and knowledge transfer in the area of viticulture of the Ministry of Education. The initiative is in line with the goal of improving ties between universities and vocational training centres promoted by the Campus of International Excellence Southern Catalonia.