The Innovation Hub is a new initiative which has been launched at the Sescelades campus in the Faculty of Chemistry's Aula Antoni Martí i Franquès.

The hub responds to the need to place innovation as a top priority in our community. The Innovation Hub is a place where people can get hands-on experience in innovative techniques and which promotes creative and collaborative work, allowing participants to learn to use new tools to develop ideas that can provide new opportunities for businesses, new solutions for complex problems and lead to the creation of innovative proposals.

What will healthcare be like in the future? And transport? And food? How can we use modern-day tools to create a more efficient future? What opportunities are there for creating new businesses which will help our region to grow?

These are some of the questions which are addressed and for which answers are being sought at the hub. There are places for business people, students, teachers, administrative personnel, entrepreneurs, etc. Although the hub has a physical location, it is also active in a virtual environment which is already operational.