"Innovant Junts" (Innovating Together) is a radical person-centred project that aims to promote innovation communities with the purpose of improving innovation skills and constructing a network of value relations, reinforcing the effectiveness of innovation with new projects, tools and attitudes, and introducing and disseminating better tools and practices that promote collective innovation.

Current challenges require a new systemic and systematic approach to innovation in which the connections between people and professionals have to take a qualitative and quantitative leap forward. And innovation communities are the means to rise to these challenges. The project began by focusing on the development of innovation communities in three topics:

  • Innovation community in Food
  • Innovation community in Innovation
  • Innovation community in Collective Intelligence

Innovation communities are groups of people that are self-organized and self-governed and who share a passion for a common topic. They strive to improve through shared learning, creating value for their members and organizations by developing and disseminating new knowledge and capacities, thus leading to new innovation opportunities.

Innovation communities have been set up in various countries over the last ten years in response to complex innovation challenges. In many of these innovation ecosystems, these communities are playing a key role for professionals, their organizations and the ecosystem in general.

Collective intelligence emerges effectively and powerfully only when individual intelligences are somehow linked through processes, conversations and shared journeys.

Innovation communities