The primary objective of this programme is to spread culture and knowledge to the entire territory and to the majority of the population, including activities which specifically target older people. Furthermore, the programme aims to encourage lifelong learning and promote the values of science and humanism.

These activities are sponsored through Extra Mural Managemnent Unit. These include: art, cinema, theatre, university choir, the URV choir group, the URV orchestra, debating society, the URV hiking club, classes for the eldery, URV citizens’ classes and the summer university. The activities of these workshops are intended to diffuse culture, science, technology, the arts and knowledge to the broader population as the bases for social progress. What’s more, these workshops do not take a strictly academic approach; they promote interaction between people who come from various educational fields.

The Campus Extension-Knowledge Antennas is a network of URV centres distributed throughout the towns and villages of Tarragona and its counties which aims to bring knowledge to society through the promotion of culture, science and technology. This strategic project comes under the aegis of the URV’s Third Mission  its regional mission committed, with the support of other institutions and stakeholders, to the development of the territory in every aspect, from the socio-cultural to the socioeconomic.