Chemical Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTQ)

The Chemistry Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTQ) is one of the components of the Tarragona Science and Technology Park. Its mission is to become a leading international centre for sustainable chemicals and to contribute to improving sustainability, competitiveness, innovation and technological progress in the Catalan chemical industry by:

  • providing services
  • carrying out R&D&I projects
  • acquiring, adapting and transferring innovative technology within a framework of cooperation with other centres

Most of the multinational chemical firms and small and medium-sized companies in the region play a direct role in CTQ through the foundation run by the centre. Its priorities include research into new materials, water technology and the application of European environmental directives in the chemical industry. CTQ works hand in hand with companies in the sector.

The petrochemical industry in the Tarragona area is considered the main chemical cluster in southern Europe.