80 members make up the CEICS.

1,200 researchers work at campus research structures.

1,230 scientific articles have been published by CEICS researchers.

513 scientific articles published in international cooperation.

187 R&D projects have been awarded funding: a total of ¿ 14 milion.

552 awarded technology transfer contracts: a value of ¿ 12.3 million.

8 research institutes.

4 science and technology parks.

4 renowned technological centres.

2 technology-based companies have emerged from the CEICS.

16 European projects have been awarded to researchers.

6,000 km² lie within the project's area of influence.

800,000 inhabitants live in the counties of southern Catalonia.

21 billion euros is the GDP of the Tarragona area, representing 11% of the total for Catalonia.