<h3>Carles Estévez</h3>

Carles Estévez

Co-founder of IUCT (Science and Technology Institute) and Vice-President of Research.

Carles Estévez is co-founder of IUCT (Science and Technology Institute) and Vice-President of Research. He is also in charge of the Green Chemistry Program. Co-founder and now President of the Green Chemistry Network of Spain. Since 2005, he is member of the Governing Council of the Spanish Sustainable Chemistry Technological Platform, where he coordinates the "Reactions & Processes Design" Area. In 2001 he was appointed international member of the Governing Board of the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute where he still serves. He also serves in the Sustainability Council at Albemarle since 2007. His main research interests encompass a variety of green chemistry topics ranging from the design of safer and environmentally benign functional products to the development of green chemical syntheses and processes. Specific projects under his direction include the reduction/elimination of persistent, bioaccumulating and toxic by-products in industrial syntheses, the design of safer solvents and its application in reactions, processes and chemical formulations, the design of new biofuels and bio-based transformations of renewable feedstocks. C. Estévez has been invited to join different international initiatives such as the Chemistry Research Applied to World Needs (CHEMRAWN) meeting in Boulder (Colorado, USA), the United Nations Organization for Industrial Development (UNIDO) meeting in Trieste (Italy), the Organization for the Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Tokyo (Japan), and the G8 Carnegie Group in Venice (Italy). C. Estévez has recently co-founded Plasmia Biotech, a IUCT spin-off company dedicated to the synthesis of antiviral agents.