<h3>Antonio Palacios</h3>

Antonio Palacios

Universidad de la Rioja, Logroño.

Antonio Palacios Garcia was technical advisor and market manager for Lallemand in Spain and Portugal since 1995. Among many responsibilities, he also maintains the relationship with research centers and universities. He supplies technical and scientific support to the winemakers, as well as the distribution network in Spain and Portugal for yeast, bacteria and fermentation nutrients in winemaking. He also develops research projects and experiments with research centers, universities, private wineries and cooperatives. Since 1992, he has also experienced hands-on winemaking in different Spanish wineries. Currently, he is the manager of Excell laboratories in Spain, specializing in fine chemicals and microbiological analysis of wines.

Antonio possesses a Ph.D in biological sciences with a thesis on the aging of red wines, as well as a Master's degree in enology and viticulture. He is also a professor at the University of La Rioja and frequently teaches at several wine institutes throughout Spain.

He has over 60 technical and scientific publications and is the organizer of many symposiums and tastings in Spain.