<h3>Andreu Palou</h3>

Andreu Palou

Chair of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (University of the Balearic Islands- UIB).

Andreu Palou has held a chair in biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) since 1978. He has been the director of the General Molecular, Nutrition and Biotechnology Laboratory of the UIB since 1996 and heads a research group in Nutrigenomics made up of 30 researchers at the UIB. His main areas of research are the body's weight regulation system (obesity), the relationships between diet and (epi)genetics (nutrigenomics and personalised nutrition) and topics related to food effectiveness and safety or functional foods and the identification of healthy properties in foods and new biomarkers that substantiate European health claims on foods. He is the author of over 400 scientific publications (including some 250 original research articles). He has led some 50 research projects or research and development contracts funded by the Spanish government, the EU, and other private and public organizations over the past ten years. He has been the recipient of several awards and recognitions including the prestigious International Hippocrates Award for Medical Research into Human Nutrition (Royal Academy of Medicine of Asturias) in 2008 and the National Research Award for Food and Health (University of Navarra) in 2011.