<h3>Ana Prades López</h3>

Ana Prades López


Graduated on Political Sciences and Sociology, she holds a Ph. D. in "Energy, Technology and Society" (Department of Sociology VI) Faculty of Information Sciences (Complutense University of Madrid) Since 1990 Ana Prades has been working at the Ciemat (Research Centre on Energy, Technology and the Environment, depending on the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation). She is currently Head of Socio-Technical Research Centre (CISOT), based in Barcelona. Her research is mainly concerned with risk perception, risk communication and public engagement, as they relate to energy technologies and climate change. Right now she is coordinating the collaborative project PACHELBEL (Policy Addressing Climate Change and Learning about Consumer Behaviour and Everyday Life) (VII FP. Environment), involving 10 institutions from 6 EU countries. Her publications include the book Energía, Tecnología y Sociedad (Ediciones de la Torre, 1997) and, most recently, a contribution to the European Wind Energy Association volume Wind Energy, the Facts: "A Guide to the Technology, Economics and Future of Wind Power" (Earthscan, 2009).