One of the lines of action in the strategic plan of the URV's Social Council is to promote the activities of the Campus of International Excellence Southern Catalonia (CEICS), which is a strategic grouping of 22 organisations in the region coordinated by the URV and specialising in the five areas of Chemistry and Energy, Nutrition and Health, Tourism, Oenology, and Heritage and Culture. The CEICS fosters dynamic initiatives in these areas whilst also promoting transversal programmes regarding the regional knowledge and innovation system.

This initiative is called CEICS-Agora and aims stimulate the collective capacity for action of the Southern Catalonia region with regard to generating value from its historical, cultural, agricultural and environmental assets.

The objectives of CEICS-Agora are to:

  • Set out an inspiring vision of the role of these assets in the socioeconomic future of the region and the strategies and key actions that will make this possible.
  • Generate a new collaborative dynamic between the socioeconomic experts, professionals and politicians linked to these assets that will create a stable community committed to learning through shared experience.
  • Draw up a series of driving initiatives aligned with the vision of the future. These initiatives must enable the flow of actions and investments amongst the players involved.

CEICS-Agora is designed as a learning journey that progressively integrates the knowledge, expertise and visions of individuals who are connected to the assets that fall under the scope of the project and are inspired by its aims.