video banner Banner enlace a documento The Campus of International Excellence Southern Catalonia (CEICS) represents the strategic union of different organizations and structures involved in teaching, research, knowledge transfer and the productive sector in southern Catalonia. It aims to become an international benchmark in knowledge and competitiveness within the areas of chemistry and energy, nutrition and health, tourism, oenology, heritage and culture. It also seeks to become the heart of an authentic region of knowledge that can play a key role in the future growth of the region and in its productive network.

The driving force behind this group is Rovira i Virgili University, an enterprising young university with a well-defined strategic vision that, since 2001, has allowed it to establish a network of research and technology centres that coordinate their activities with the productive and service sectors in the region. This collaboration has culminated in a unique opportunity for the creation of a region of knowledge, offering training and research of the highest quality. It is also an entity through which companies have the opportunity to make contacts, to increase their competitiveness and to establish themselves in an environment specializing in five priority areas.

This Mediterranean campus of knowledge is completed through international and national alliances with other prestigious universities and research centres. It represents a collection of competences in constant evolution; one which has already generated success stories and will continue to develop in accordance with its defined growth plan. The implementation of ambitious and innovative projects will ensure that the CEICS continues to reinforce its already solid profile and consolidates itself as a magnet for international talent.

The Campus of International Excellence Southern Catalonia project was singled out as a "promising project" during the 2009 International Campus of Excellence call for proposals sponsored by the Ministry of Education. The CEICS has received the distinction of "Campus of International Excellence" in the regional excellence category in the 2010 Campus of International Excellence call for proposals.